The American Dream is alive and well in New Bern North Carolina.

This past weekend I spent sometime in Chapel Hill, NC, which is where I went to college.  While relaxing in the Carolina Inn, an awesome place to stay I might add,  a newspaper cover story caught my eye. The title of the cover read “The American (Bad) Dream, How we got in the foreclosure mess- and how we can get out”

OK media people enough is enough!

This story seen in the Independent Weekly is a prime example of what is wrong with the Real Estate market. Why can no one in the media report on how a few bad

lenders, a part of the subprime market, gave all of the lenders a bad name.   

New Bern and Havelock, markets in which I practice Real Estate, have not seen this level of malpractice and deceptive practices. Our lenders on the whole seem to have placed people in the homes that they can really afford.      

It seems that some people in the media are now trying to report on ways to help but do not realize that what would help is some positive influence from them, a heart felt story of people trying to help other people. 

How about how a Real Estate Agent worked with a Lender to prevent a good man from losing his home to the foreclosure process!

 We do care about people!